Make the Most of TikTok’s Advertising Features

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past several months, it’s very likely you’ve heard of TikTok. It is the most popular video-sharing app on earth, used by more than a billion people. Of course, because such a huge platform exists, there are far more opportunities to get your ad seen. When you utilize these insider tricks…

Who should utilize TikTok to promote their business?

Basically, anyone may advertise on TikTok, but targeting specific demographics will help your marketing campaigns to perform better. The app generally attracts users between the ages of 13 and 35. In fact, research shows that approximately 44% of users are between the ages of 18 and 24, with 32% falling between the ages of 25 and 34. Only 10% are over the age of 45, so it wouldn’t be a viable option if you’re looking for people in their 20s through 60s.

How to Improve Your Advertising Effectiveness

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for creating a successful TikTok ad campaign, but most marketing agency firms would advise using these stages to increase the probability of success.

Use the Ad Manager

TikTok ads manager is a single point of access for managing and running your advertisements. You may create intriguing advertising with a variety of visual varieties and templates, target specific audiences, and monitor ad performance through reports.

Use creative tools to stand out

It’s entirely up to you what type of commercial material you want to create. TikTok notes that while you can run ads up to 60 seconds long, 15 seconds is a better cut-off point. Because this period is so short, use some creative features to assist your ad stand out. You might try incorporating branded effects such as stickers and filters, changing the ad format (from “in feed,” which looks exactly like native content, or top view ads, which appear at the top of a user’s “for you” page), or adding music and sound for extra flair

Test different targeting choices

The most effective advertisements target highly focused audiences. TikTok is aware of this, which is why the platform allows you to tailor who sees your advertising by blacklisting specific individuals and directly targeting others. You may target your audience using metrics such as age, location, activity, and device as well as interests and hobbies. This is simple with the Ads Manager.

Use hashtags wisely

Hashtags are a social media tool that enables users to categorize their material so that others may find things they are looking for more easily. You can use as many hashtags as you like; however, unless you know which hashtags to utilize, reaching your target audience will be much more difficult! Check what your rivals are using on their advertising by looking at what’s being used in the app. You could also try searching for other relevant hashtags within the app.

To conclude

TikTok advertising are a fantastic method to increase exposure, optimize your ROI, and expand your social media reach. TikTok advertising is ideal for any size company on the platform since it has over 300 million active users. It’s simple to start and doesn’t require a huge marketing budget, making it perfect for start-ups and small businesses.

Use photos and creative elements, such as videos, wherever possible, keep your CTAs short and powerful, and concentrate on the most relevant hashtags to create a successful TikTok ad.