Oneplus Nord CE – Highlight of the Smartphones

The name of Oneplus is synonymous with high end smartphones. Oneplus is known to provide excellent devices that offer features like astounding camera performance, flawless performance and unmatched durability. Oneplus has established its mark in the market for combining cutting-edge technology with affordability and delivering just the best of all worlds. Again, this Chinese company has come up with another powerful technology of its kind and recently launched a highly affordable yet sleek and stylish smartphone model which provides unbeatable specifications at an extremely affordable price!

The new Oneplus Nordic CE smartphone oneplus nord ce has been designed with a body that is crafted out of aluminum alloy with curved back surface and curves on the sides. The Oneplus also sports a beautiful dual tone glass material that renders the device extremely attractive and classy-looking. When it comes to camera performance, the company has once again outdone itself with the fact that the camera of this smartphone is equipped with Oneplus OSS Kit which makes it capable of downloading quality images and videos. Apart from that, the Oneplus also offers users excellent quality music features that can be controlled by means of Android platform.

Oneplus also introduces a stunning camera along with its impressive features and specs. It comes with an optical image stabilizer, so users do not have to worry about any camera shake when taking shots. Also, the front-facing camera of this smartphone has an astounding twenty-eight megapixel resolution and features zero lag image processing system which allows users to enjoy clear and crisp pictures even in bright light situations. All these fantastic features make the Oneplus Nordic CE one of the best smartphones to own.

The Oneplus Nordic CE has a single color scheme which matches the white on white base. It has a nice silver band that runs around the entire device along with a subtle textured surface that gives it an aesthetic appeal. Apart from that, this smartphone has a nice, futuristic look to it that is sure to impress all who buy it. The physical design comes with a standard 6 GB RAM and it comes with a nice slot for inserting any compatible memory card which further adds to the enhanced usability of this device.

Users can buy this phone through one of many outlets that are available online. The device is available in several colors such as black, grey, gold, slate, blue, red and turquoise among others and the best way to avail the best Nokia E71S model is by making use of the online Nokia store for Europe and the UK which is one of the largest stores selling this device in the region. Users can make use of the online facilities to place their pre-order for the Oneplus Nordic CE along with accessories which includes the phone, apron, charger and data cable and get their devices delivered directly to their homes.

The phone is available at an attractive price and people can find a number of reasons to buy this handset including the innovative concept which has been launched to mark the occasion of Oneplus Nordic ce. This device is equipped with an advanced camera which offers great photo taking performance and provides good video experience. Apart from that, it also offers a very impressive and unique collection of features which includes an extremely large memory with over 30 gigabytes and also it is endowed with a powerful motion sensor which makes it even more interesting. The latest models of this smartphone are capable of running on a smooth track and users can also download various applications which include a calendar, music player, game and a lot more which ensure complete functionality and convenience of using this device.